Monday, October 22, 2012

I started off a short series of photos on my facebook on how I make my beads & I thought that I might do the same thing here. Firstly here is a pic of my workshop area (or Mummy's Playroom as hubby & the kids like to call it :) )

Pretty cool, huh? :) My kiln is just off to the right of the pic & my oxygen concentrator is the silver thing just under the bench to the left of where my chair is. The blue thing coming through the wall with the big long silver nose is my extractor fan which sucks out the nasties that are released when you melt glass & things like silver & other metals.

Taking a closer look at the things in the studio, firstly, here is a picture of my torch, both lit & unlit. I use a small torch from GTT (Glass Torch Technologies) called a Cricket, as you can see, its a pretty pink/purple colour.

The flame of the torch runs at around 5000°F (or around 2760°C) give or take a few hundred degrees either way, so it's pretty hot! Keep an eye out tomorrow for the next lot of pictures.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! Thanks for the insight.

FireSong Creations said...

Thank you, I hope you come back & check out the rest of the posts about lampworking :) .