Friday, October 17, 2008

Well it took me about 4 days to finish off all the invitations but I finally got them done. With a little bit more time on my hands I decided to play with my embossed acetate, PearlEx & Glimmer Mists/Moon Glow sprays & these cards are what I came up with. Dream was my first attempt, I did this one with the PearlEx on the back of the acetate & it gave a very shiny, metallic looking effect. I used MoonGlow Glitz Spritz & MoonGlow Starburst Stain on the background of the card.

Next I tried the PearlEx on the front of the acetate, putting the colour on the swirls of the paisley design, the red russet first & then filling in the spaces with a mixture of sunset & antique gold & got a nice sparkly effect as on the front of the card with the heart. I used MoonGlow Moon Shadow Mist & Glimmer Mist on the background of this one.

Then I tried putting the PearlEx on the front of the embossed acetate again but this time I just dropped colours randomly all over first & brushed them in starting with the Pearl White, then the duo green/blue & lastly the spring green. This produced a fabulously lustrous finish that really sparkles & is by far my favourite card out of the 3 of them.

BTW, the scroll, sentiment & "sun" shape on the Just For You card were all done on my PI. None of the photos do these cards justice, they are really lovely & sparkly which you cant pick up with a camera very easily.

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